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Kitten Candy Persian Application

The purpose of the application is essentially to verify that our precious kitten(s) will be going to a loving, caring home. We realize some of the standards may seem high to you but they are important to us and our kittens. Probably one of the most difficult things in having a quality cattery is to part with one of our babies, so we want to make sure they are loved in their new family as much as they are loved by us… after all they go from our heart to yours when they go to their new forever home.

You can download our application here and email it back to us or you can fill it out below and submit it electronically through our website by filling out the form below. To download our contract please click here

First Name Last Name Address State Zip Daytime Phone Number Email Address Do you have any prior cat experience? Do you have any other cats that are spayed/neutered? (If purchasing a pet cat/kitten it will be required as part of  the contract for him/her to be spayed/neutered.) What Are You Looking For? Do you have the time to devote to grooming? Persians requires 10-15 minutes of grooming every 1-2 days Where will your cat be during the day for example while you are at work? If approved will your cat be primarily an indoor or outdoor cat? Do you have a veterinarian that cares for felines? Do they offer 24 hour care for emergencies? Please allow us up to 48 hours to respond to your application. Thank you! Persian Type: Color/Pattern: Sex Other needs and/or characteristics you are looking for: Are you looking to purchase breeding rights? About You:
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We love kittens but not  robots ;) Please write the word you see in the box provided to prove you are  human and not robot. All fields are required.  Please click “submit” When completed.

Thank you for taking the time to apply to adopt one of our precious little bundles. All fields are required to be answered so please be sure to answer each section before hitting the “submit” button at the bottom of the application. Once your application is received we will contact you within 48 hours by either phone or email. If you have a preference please let us know the method you choose in the “other needs” area located towards the bottom of the application. Thank you again and we look forward to speaking with you about our precious furry family.

Is there a specific royal and/or other you are interested in?
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